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The_Leader 2018. 2. 10. 22:06

Effective December 15, Adobe disabled the activation server for several Macromedia branded products:

  • Captivate (version 1.0)
  • Contribute (version 2.0 and 3.0)
  • Flash Paper (version 2.0)
  • FreeHand MX
  • Director MX 2004
  • Dreamweaver MX 2004
  • Fireworks MX 2004
  • Flash MX 2004
  • Macromedia Studio MX 2004

If you install these products, the activation fails and give an error (see screenshot below):

Activation failed message


Your screen could have a different product icon or name. However, the warning message is the same.


Follow these steps to correct the error:

  1. Select the "Activate over telephone" option to toggle your screen temporarily. On the next screen, click "You can also activate over the Internet" link at the bottom to return to the Enter Your Serial Number screen.

    Select Activate over telephone
  2. When prompted, enter a new serial number.

    Enter serial number
  3. Select the appropriate serial number from the list below and enter it in the serial number field. Remember this serial number for future reference. 

    Product Platform  Serial Number 
    Captivate 1.0         Win CAD100-56042-68297-35422
    Contribute 2.0        Mac CTD200-58042-60375-59091
    Contribute 2.0       Win CTD200-58042-60375-59091
    Contribute 3.0                 Mac CTD300-57733-52324-08489
    Contribute 3.0 Win CTD300-57733-52324-08489
    FlashPaper 2.0 Win FPD200-52016-69247-71242
    Director MX 2004 Win DRD100-50836-87264-59396
    Director MX 2004 Mac DRD100-50836-87264-59396
    Dreamweaver MX 2004  Mac DWD700-56626-60325-58074
    Dreamweaver MX 2004 Win DWD700-56626-60325-58074
    Fireworks MX 2004 Mac FWD700-59515-38218-96725
    Fireworks MX 2004 Win FWD700-59515-38218-96725
    Flash MX 2004 Mac FLD700-59705-99286-82099
    Flash MX 2004 Win FLD700-59705-99286-82099
    Freehand MX Mac FHD110-58402-67227-68568
    Freehand MX Win FHD110-58402-67227-68568
    Macromedia Studio MX 2004 Win WSD700-53923-79263-98262
    Macromedia Studio MX 2004 Mac WSD700-53923-79263-98262

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